Next To Me, A Robin

Roz is an author and nature lover.  

She writes outdoors in all weathers.  Her long walks on Dartmoor where she now lives give her constant inspiration. Her first book of poetry and prose, Next To Me, A Robin is inspired by the natural world of Dartington Hall Estate, the clear rivers, the verdant forests, the abundant wildlife and is accessible reading in this age when so many of us seek, and so many children need, contact with nature. Fully illustrated in the style of the books by A.A. Milne, Next To Me A Robin features extracts from the nature diaries of well-loved countryman, Bram Bartlett, and moments in the history of Dartington and its people.
Fine line drawings in the style of the Winnie the Pooh books, of Dartington estate by Si Barron.
The title pays tribute to ornithologist David Lack, whose famous study of wood robins ‘The Life of the Robin’ was written and researched here.
For readers of nine and over.

‘Her depth of perception and description of the natural world are clear-eyed...her words tumble like a song’  NAOMI SLADE,  The Guardian

‘Thank you for your beautiful book. I've read it cover to cover and so has my Mum. I couldn't put it down. I was there.’  Becky Mills, North Yorks.

‘ Ros moves slowly through the natural world, observes closely,feels deeply, thinks originally. The reader looks, learns and experiences life in a new way. Roz has produced a very special book.’ KAY DUNBAR, Ways With Words Literature Festivals.

 Other Publications: Essay: ‘Into The Woods’ in  ‘Landscape Into Literature’, an anthology where, alongside other authors including Richard Mabey, Hunter Davies, Penelope Lively and Ronald Blythe, Ros writes about how connection to Nature informs her writing.










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