Next To Me, A Robin

Sitting By The Fireside at the Bartletts’
 A Weekly Winter Podcast

We need to focus on the human heart as much as on the land itself and what the human heart needs and craves as it has done through the ages is a closer more meaningful relationship with life on Earth
This is the first of a series of podcasts called Sitting At The Fireside at the Bartletts  recorded at the widely-known and respected household in Dartington Devon. Lucy and Mary Barlett (F.L.S) are patrons and supporters of artists, writers, sculptors, movers and shakers for world change here in Devon, England.
In this series we discuss topics such as place and the search for belonging as well as the need for rapid change in the way we live on Earth.  So by the fireside at the B’s  is the place I most like to be in the world – except in a wild wood of course.

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