Next To Me, A Robin


Early responses to Next To Me, A Robin that have been sent from all over the England.



‘Ros Brady’s poetry tumbles like an old spell or a song harnessed to a page. Her depth of perception and descriptions of the pared back beauty of the natural world are clear-eyed and unsentimental.’

Naomi Slade (Journalist, The Guardian)

Next To Me a Robin’ is an amazing book! Because I cannot put it down – and in the way it speaks to me so that I bond with it immediately. In ‘Still Pool Copse’ I found2 the best description of a Nightjar song that I have ever heard – and how beautifully simple - ‘The Nightjar purred’ Thank you for this wonderful book!  

Thank you for your beautiful book. I've read it cover1 to cover and so has my Mum. I couldn't put it down. I was there.


Your book speaks straight to the real self of each of us, almost to give permission to be able  to connect with nature. As children have a natural innocence the illustrations show that innocence- they have a magical quality.


Ros Brady moves slowly through the natural world and observes closely, feels deeply and thinks originally: what could be more important? Ros shares her relationship with this world through her vivid writing with 4its unusual metaphors. Stars are the keys of a piano; the holly tree scratches the wind; summer unfastens her faded smock: the reader looks, learns and experiences life in a new way.

The strong line drawings by Simon Barron complement the clarity of the writing and illuminate this journey into a green and vibrant land.  

Kay Dunbar, Ways With Words Festival Director





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